Monday, September 7, 2009

Summer, We Hardly Knew You

I went out on my first ride since Nationals this morning. A quick check of the thermometer on the way out stopped me in my tracks- 43 degrees. Sixteen days ago, I was racing in 80+ degree weather, worried about dehydration. Now I'm worried about frozen toes and hands. I opted for the full gloves and long sleeve Nor'Easter jacket, but stubbornly did not cover up my peach-fuzz legs. I had a good ride, about 30 miles, without pushing too much other than a few short hills. Upon returning home, my feet went through that painful cold weather thaw. But it's early feet shouldn't be this cold....


  1. I hear's the last day for all the outdoor pools around here. Sad panda. :(

  2. Summer ends for me when I leave Maine, so I feel it should be cold now.
    But it's still sad.
    I'm still mourning the move back to MA. sigh.
    Great running weather, though... :)

  3. And where did the light go, riding early is too scary at times with everyone coming home from work.

  4. I know what you mean. Yesterday it was 63 when I started off on the trainer outside...I didn't turn the fan on for the first 40 minutes ;-)

    Since moving from Fl earlier this year I went out and bought almost an entire line of winter cycling kit, I don't see how you ride in 43 degree. Brrr.