Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Motivation From Money

No, I'm not that materialistic. But when I send in an entry fee (boy, that dates me...I mean when I put my credit card into Active), I'm committed. Come hell or high water, I'm going to do the race.

I just signed up for the CELT Challenge, a local sprint on Sept 27. But I didn't just sign up myself. I'll do the 425 yd pool swim, Nick will bike 14 on my old Javelin TT bike, and Leah will do the 3 mile trail run. This should be tons of fun. I hope there are some other families that sign up....anyone?....anyone?.....Bueller?....

Speaking of Nick, he hit a milestone last week. He's 13, in 8th grade, and a smidge away from 6 feet tall. We went to Olympia Sports for some soccer cleats. They didn't have any large enough. Size 12 wasn't even close. And he's not even close to done growing. I'm going online to see how we can put some webbing between those toes of his.

There's a chance we might take him to Sugarloaf for the weekend CVA snowboarding program. Which means all sorts of things, including renting a condo and tons of driving for four months. If anyone knows of someone who wants to share condo space or has one available, let me know. This could also mean I get into XC skate skiing, which could be great. I've always thought XC skiers are the best athletes in the world.

Finally, a big congrats to those who did IMCDA, IMLOU and the local races. While you put in all of that hard work on Sunday, I ate TWO big sausages at Fenway Park. Onions, peppers, the works. Then an ice cream bar. I could get used to this off season routine.....


  1. I'd love to do that Family CELT Thing!! Which weekend is it? I MIGHT be able to figure something out for us. My kids a tad small....but maybe Cam could do the run if I could go near him? HOw old is Leah? I'll have to think about this one.
    I'll keep my ears open @ condos at Sugarloaf. And yes, xc skiers are the Best!! Agree.

  2. I think Carrie McCusker's kids do it as a relay with her too... I'm pretty sure! I wish my kids were old enough... NOT yet though.
    Sugarloaf... hm... I don't know how to SKI! or I would drag my family...
    All three of our families should go (ange too, I mean) and I'll just stay in the condo and drink hot toddies and read. :)

  3. Ha, that sounds like it should be a blast! Fun times!