Friday, February 20, 2009

Wakey, wakey!

Last year I had some success with fairly heavy training individual weeks followed by rest. Something like going from an average of 10 to 15 hours. I did it during February break while my family was away and I needed to be home to let Jasmine out. So I thought I'd give it a shot this year as well. Two more days to go, but so far so good. More details to follow.

I took yesterday off competely so we could take the kids to Boston for the day. We woke them up at 6:50 with reveille from the iPod. Then we took the train down, went to the science museum and aquarium, then took the bus back. The next part took tremendous skill and practice. I was able to get in three naps. Yes, three. The trips down and back, plus a few minutes in the Imax theater. Naps are great.

You know the Horton's commercial where the drill sargent wakes someone up by saying, "Wakey, wakey." That's me. I am absolutely a morning person. It would be tough to take on this sport if I weren't. Simply due to routine, I wake up before 5 nearly every day before my alarm goes off. It all started with HS swim practice.

I maintain that morning people are morally superior. Well, to be accurate, maybe not morally superior, maybe just superior in general. And of course, I'm speaking in generalities. Nevertheless, morning people are the ones that get things done. Show me someone that leads the pack in whatever they do and I'll show you a morning person. Show me someone that is effective at 8 or 9:00 and I'll show you a morning person- they got the blood flowing and the brain thinking before everyone else, so they're ready to go. And they are able to stay productive as long as necessary. By the time they run out of steam, the important part of the day is over anyway.

Another big Saturday morning (run & swim), bike in the afternoon, then 2 hours on the bike on Sunday morning.

Wakey, wakey!


  1. Good work with the naps. I adore naps, and, of course, I get one like once every six months.
    I get up every morning by 5:15, but I admit, I don't LIKE to get up every morning at 5:15-- until I'm up. Then I love it. But I have to really battle myself to actually get out of bed.... So what does that make me?
    I was up at 5:00 today so I could get to Peak to ride with the group--which you should absolutely do! It makes the time go much faster...

  2. I'm a morning person too...but some days it's pure torture to get myself up. I love being up and about before anyone else. It's such nice quiet time. Of course, I'm usually up sweating somewhere rather than sipping coffee and reading the paper. I can't remember the last time I did that.
    Good job with your naps. I need one right now...
    Looking forward to hearing about your training.