Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fall Down, Go Boom

It was strange not training as much this week, but I could tell I needed it. I ended the week at a bit over 9 hours, and most of it was fairly easy. The highlight, and lowlight, came today. I went for a ride OUTSIDE with Scott Marr. It was about 38 degrees, windy with bright sunshine. We went for about 1:45. It's amazing how much easier a certain wattage is outside vs. inside. On the trainer, 250 watts is a good amount of work. Outside, I feel like I could go forever at that effort. It felt great to do some work on the bike and actually make forward progress!

Just an hour earlier, I walked up the driveway with Nick and Jasmine. We saw her slip and fall on some ice that looked like water. When I met Scott, I told him about it and that we'd have to be careful. See where I'm going with this? We went through plenty of streams and puddles on the ride due to the melting snow. Getting near the end of the ride, going up a hill on Greely Road in Cumberland, I took the lead. There was a section in the shadows (think cooler), I saw the "water," and went right down. Scott was on my left hip and glanced off my head as it hit the ground (not too hard). The most pain came from what I thought was a calf cramp, but seems like a pull. A few hours later, it's still hard to walk after sitting idle for a while. I also got some good scrapes on my hip and knee.

Back to training...I came up with a good swim set that has a few variations. 6 x (6 x 50 on 45), taking the first four at a long distance race pace, the 5th one is fast, then the 6th very easy. Take some extra time before starting over. Today we did the same structure as 6x100, 6x75 and 6x50. The 1350 yds goes quickly, and it's a high quality set because the repeats are short.

The other high point this week was when I headed out for a run about 20 minutes later than normal because I was only running 4 miles. Right off the bat, I didn't need my headlamp because there was just enough light. Spring is coming!!! Then about half way, when I turned down Field Rd., there was a beautiful sunrise. We can all get a bit too focused on our efforts that it's hard to enjoy our surroundings. This was a great start to the day.


  1. Great, I needed a workout for this afternoon!

  2. Was that 6 (6 x 50) something you did with the Portland Masters' team?
    So sorry about the fall. I'm impressed you got out, though! I did my long run yesterday and saw a bunch of people riding. I must be a chicken,b/c the fear of an ice patch or sand (which is just everywhere) scares me.
    And I've been noticing the light change too. Nothing like running while the sun is rising.

  3. Sorry to ask this here--. I don't have your email address, and I have a question about wattage. You are my victim b/c you seem to know about this.
    How do you determine the wattage you should be averaging for each race distance? In my last LT test I failed at 210 watts with a hr of 167. (my max heart is around 171, I think.) Anyway, I've been doing the LP course on my computrainer, but I don't know what wattage I should shoot for based on that indicator. Is there some sort of a formula? And should I be trying to achieve race pace wattage for IM during those long rides (doing LP course) or lower than race pace? Don't comment on how I failed at such a low wattage! :) Biking is my weak leg, as you know. And I'm small.