Friday, June 12, 2009

A Jumbo Goes to MIT and Harvard

We Jumbos of Tufts look down upon our Cambridge neighbors. I mean, really....who would rather live in Cambridge over Medford and Somerville? No academic challenges there either. Those who can't cut it at Tufts end up down the Red Line of the T.

I spent the night in Boston, close to the Sox were beating the Yankees for the eighth straight time this season. Up at 5 to hit the the rain. I crossed the Charles, headed out Mass Ave, past "those" campuses. At 35 minutes I made it to Central Square and turned around, taking a different bridge over the river so I ran along Storrow Drive for a couple of miles. I always love to see the crew shells out there. That was a sport I could have been good at. At the end of the run, it was 9.5 miles at an average of about 7:30. Outside of warm up and recovery, I just let it fly, dodging puddles and streams, watching for the occasional delivery truck, all generally at tempo. It's liberating to head out without too much structure and just see what happens. A great morning in the rain.

Here's a picture of the finish last weekend.


  1. I used to live on the other side of the river in Beacon Hill. I loved running along the Charles.
    Glad it was a great run in the rain; those are the best.

  2. Me too!! I lived in Boston when I went to Northeastern for grad school and always ran along the Charles. Sounds like a great run...also agree that running in the rain is the best.

  3. Good job on avoiding the picture of you stopping your watch coming across the line. That's my goal this year. Btw, you were pulling for the Yanks weren't you?