Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cohasset Results

Swim 5:17, 11th OA- includes two 70 yard runs
T1 1:24, best pro was 0:43- that needs work
Bike 31:13, 18th OA
T2 1:02, best pro 0:48
Run 21:07, 24th OA
Overall 1:00:00, 13/728 OA (winner 56:26), 3/116 AG (winner 58:54)

I'm pretty satisfied with these results. Details...and a rant...are below.

Next up, a local 5K on July 4 in Castine. Generally a family race. Flat start, big up hill, flat, big up hill, long flat, down, long flat, down, up, steep down to finish. In other words, a wicked hilly course. It'll be fun to take the Garmin with me. Usually a couple other good runners show up. Never won this one.


  1. Steve--3rd AG in a really, really tough AG field!! Awesome! Such a bummer they cut the swim short. Not cool. Also not cool b/c you can't compare yourself truly to the "pros" (you could have raced in that wave... Next year...). But really, stellar job. I'm impressed and psyched for you. ALso, that run is LONG. Did I mention that to you before the race? Sorry if I didn't... It's at least 3.2 -- maybe longer. Congrats.

  2. You gotta love these po-dunk town tri's. I've had the same experience with some. You love the sport enough to keep coming back to them. They really make you appreciate the well run races. Great job on the race. You're killin it.

  3. Wow, I had read your race report earlier this morning during breakfast, but holy cow - you slaughtered that course. Serious congrats!

  4. Excellent race STeve!!! The roads sound like a pain though...and you know how I feel about shortened swim courses!! YOu are having a great season! Next up Black Fly?? I dont' knwo much about that race. Anxious to hear about it.

  5. Way to kick @ss!!

    I wouldn't mind a swim course that was short but those road issues really suck. Too bad it was a USAT Natl qualifier. Still, you ROCKED it :-)

    Hope you had a fun 5K and 4th!