Sunday, May 3, 2009

Polarbear Video

Thanks to my trusty son and videographer Nick, here's a quick video of the race. Plenty of things for me to work on...


  1. Love the music. Tell Nick he did an awesome job. Loved it!
    You know-I don't think you bury your head after breathing. Not sure about that. I did note that your arms come directly in front of your head on the recovery--and maybe even crossing over the line with your right arm. But basically your stroke is perfect--enviable etc.
    What I was amazed by was the stroke of the guy next to you--how could he be so fast with THAT straight-armed bizarre recovery???
    My other thought that your turnover on the run could be faster--but I didn't think you moved your body too much. You looked actually quite controlled.
    That's my two cents--which is super valuable given all my experience with such things. Haha! :)

  2. What a nice video to remember the day and Nick being 13 and into watching Dad race. BTW, nice strong turns! I think you could go a lot wider with your stroke and get more power. And yes on the burying your head... just turn a bit less.

  3. Love this!!! what a great thing to have!!!! And my Nick loved the music too...he was dancing away as we all watched this. :)
    Who Is that in the lane next to you with the straight arm recovery? I want to know too....

  4. Alina, right--that's what I was thinking. Wider on the entry would get more power in the early part of the stroke.
    Don't you love how we analyze this, Steve? lol

  5. I wish we could see Jeff over there in lane 1 tying his suit on after the first 50...that's it wouldn't fall off! how funny huh.
    And I'm over there on the other side of him...a few lanes over. Before I got clobbered. where are you Kurt?

  6. Very cool vide - and pretty impressive that your son put it together. Nice!

  7. I think some top swimmers are moving back to a straight arm recovery, though I doubt that is what that guy next to Steve was aiming for. It just doesn't make sense to do it in my humble opinion.