Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mid week update

First, a few comments on the video. I have no idea who Mr. Straight Arm is, and I'm amazed he was so fast. My first 100 was 1:08, and he had me by a fair amount. Second, the two guys on the other side were Kurt P. (2nd OA) and Mike C. (1st). Kurt clearly needs to work on his streamlining. And third, if you saw the whole 300 yards that was recorded, Jeff S., on the other side of Mike, had me by a bit at 100 yards. He's a very strong swimmer. At 150, I was ahead. Let's just say the shorts had fallen far enough.

As others have seen, the annual USAT rankings were published. I came in at #131, making me an All American. You need to be in the top 5% of your age group to qualify, which for my AG was the top 183. I try not to toot my own horn, but this is pretty cool.

Check out Macca's report from Ironman China 70.3. Sounds absolutely brutal.

Had a great morning on the track yesterday. I used to struggle to descend 400s, getting the last one under 1:30. Yesterday I did 8, with the last 6 all at 1:28- 1:29. It's got to pay off eventually.


  1. Interesting, I hadn't noticed they were released until now. Very impressive ranking - top 5% - nice!

  2. Wow. Macca's race report on China--120 in the shade at the end? Can you f-ing imagine?
    Congrats on AA! Of course, it doesn't surprise me at all, but I'm still really psyched for you!
    Nice on the 400s. I have yet to do one under 1:30. But I have hit some on 1:30....
    And of course I'm not doing any of them now, really.

  3. My Ahtlete raced the full IM in China...1st in AG and 8th overall.

    direct quote from his text post finish: "well, I won...but I am fucked up"

  4. Congrats on making top 5%! That is a huge accomplishment knowing how competitive your AG is. I will have to read Macca's report so I can feel like I've got it lucky racing in only 80-90 degs, lol.

  5. I read that report on China too...and heard what Kurt said about his athlete. I can't imagne surviving in that.
    AWESOME on your USAT ranking. Nice going...
    ok, get out on that track again Steve. I got ya there....1:22 last week. twice. :) YOU can go faster than me!! Maybe we should have a fun team track day sometime. Ouch!!!