Saturday, May 8, 2010

Unofficial Maine Sprint Triathlon Series: Race 1 (Polarbear)

Congrats to all of those who competed today at the Polarbear, the first race in the series. I've figured out the first edition of the scoring system:
1. Races must have a run of shorter than 4 miles.
2. To be ranked, you must do at least four races (currently 11 on the schedule). You also need to place in the top 10 in at least one of the four races.
3. Your top four scores will be used.
4. The season is worth 1,000 points times the number of races. The points awarded to each race will be determined by the level of competitiveness. This can't be determined until the end of the season, so values will change. The more competitive a race, the more points it is worth.
5. Now we get complicated. Finishing times matter. First, for each race, I'll calculate the average time (down to the second) for those finishers in the rankings. That time is awarded points based on the points awarded to the race divided by the number of participants in the race who are in the rankings. (1,000 points divided by 10 participants = 100 points) Second, I calculate the standard deviation of the same group of times. One SDev away from the average is worth two times the points awarded (200 points). I then calculate the point value of each second by dividing the average points by the SDev (100 / 92 = 1.088).
6. If a participant's resulting score is negative, they get a zero.

Again, this is subject to change.

After the first race, Polarbear, here are the standings:

C Sterling 279
Y White 200
A Cox 179
A Bancroft 162
J Mahoney 70
K Abbott 70
E Jacobson 46
S Cimino 30
A Viara 0
E Hatton 0

M Caiazzo 315
O Lisa 171
B Hellstedt 145
D Welling 139
J Huckins 95
J Fisher 69
T Mitchell 59
S Tenney 50
D Vaillancourt 0
J Small 0

Today, Caiazzo and Sterling blew away the fields, winning by 2:12 and 2:53 over the second place finishers. As a result, threw the curve. That caused the 9th and 10th place men and women to not gain any points.

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  1. I'm going to have to get Andy to explain the math. Not my strong suit.
    This will be fun!