Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fall Down, Go Boom- Parts II and III

We went to Sadddleback Mountain for a weekend of skiing with my parents, brother and his family. Saturday morning I capped off a good training week with a great 1:15 snowshoe on the XC trails. I've been out several times this winter on my shoes. It's a great aerobic workout, and I'm not getting the typical road damage.

To put the rest into context, I became a snowboarder on December 26. I've made tons of progress, but I still have a ways to go.

On Saturday, we tried a really steep, narrow and icy trail from the top. I figured it was best to take by board off and walk down the side until the snow was better. I promptly slipped, fell, and slid about 150 yards at warp speed. Lots o' fun.

Today, while valiantly trying to avoid hitting Leah, I fell with my elbow digging into my ribs. Long story damage to my spleen, probably just a cracked rib or two. Most importantly, the doc said there are no specific restrictions on training other than my own discomfort. I'll take tomorrow off, try the bike Tueday, try to run Wednesday, and try to swim Wednesday or Thurday depending upon how I feel. I don't think flip turns would feel very good right now.


  1. Steve! That sucks! Hope the ribs heal fast... ek.
    That's why I don't ski or snowboard...
    Actually, that's such a lie. I don't ski or snowboard b/c I don't know how. ;)

  2. Holy cow, weird! I was at Saddleback the weekend before, small world! I am trying to send some warm Florida air your way, but when you live that damn far north, the warm air turns into icicles! I also went to Northern Outdoors in The forks for some sweet snowmobile action. Sorry to hear about your setback, but it sounds like you're almost healed up. I wonder what would have happened if you would have just taken the board over the ice instead? This just gives you a chance to focus on the bike and zero that in. Good luck in your first race!